I Might Not Be As Active For A While.

I was rushed into hospital today with severe stomach pain and constant vomiting. There was an upside though, the doctor was a hunky Irish blond! My body refused to give blood and he had to stab me six times. I hate needles. He was determined to keep me in but my bloods were fine, so I managed to escape despite his best efforts.

I’m starting to feel a little better, hopefully I’ll recover soon. I do have a couple of drafts I can post and I’ll still be checking my mail.

See you all soon.

Felt Like I Was In A Real Life Version Of The Voltage Universe Today

Today I attended a friend’s Birthday BBQ. Unfortunately it rained the whole time and I ended up wearing about 10 layers of clothing! When I have to walk around a lot I get tired really easily, and I often joke with my friends that I need a nice, strong man to carry me.

As it turned out my choice of footwear was not very practical and difficult to move around in. So I ended up in the arms of three different men, being carried bridal style each time. Sadly they were all married.

It was kind of embarrassing in front of so many people, but at the same time I thought, ‘I could get used to this.’
I didn’t even have to walk to my car at the end of the night! I’d say I was a very lucky girl today.

A New Addition: Rein Isaka One Shot

This totally random thing is a result of my extreme boredom due to being stuck without any access to the internet for over 24 hours. It’s really rough, so it’s probably not that great.


Torrential rain continues to fall, relentlessly pounding against the living room window, almost drowning out the sound of the television. With his arm draped over your shoulders, Rein is completely absorbed in the romantic comedy he was so reluctant to watch. You are almost certain that you saw him tearing up at one point. Dipping his hand into the huge box of sweets sitting on the sofa, he happily stuffs another generous handful into his mouth.

His blissful expression coupled with his bulging cheeks brings a smile to your face.
“Are you enjoying those?” you ask, playfully patting his full belly.
“Aye, they’re really tasty. Are ye not goin’ te have any, lass?”
Scrunching up your nose, you vigorously shake your head.
“No thanks. I hate Turkish Delight.”
“Ye do, eh?” Rein’s criminally handsome face inches closer to yours, his bright platinum eyes gleaming with boyish mischief. “How about if ye eat it like this?”

The second your lips touch the overpowering flavour of rose fills your mouth. But thanks to the skilled movements of Rein’s tongue, the dreaded sweet suddenly becomes a lot more palatable. As the pair of you break apart for some much needed air, his thumb gently brushes over your lips wiping away a few stray specks of sugar.
“Well, what did ye think?”
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you flash him a Devilish smirk.
“I’m not sure. I’ll have to try it again.”

A loud knock at the door quickly puts an end to your frisky shenanigans. Sighing, you slowly edge off of the sofa but a firm tug on your arm stops you from going any further.
“Just ignore it. Whoever it is will give up soon enough. Ye’d have te be daft te keep standin’ outside in this weather.”
Another demanding, yet very distinctive knock sounds through the house.
“Haruhito.” you both murmur in unison.

Looking like a child who has been sent to bed early, your boyfriend shuffles towards the door. And sure enough when he opens it, he is met by a certain drenched Demon.
“Heeey Rein-” Haruhito stops dead, his eyes fixed on his best friend’s rosy cheeks. “Why is your face so red, are you blushing?”
“Never mind that. What do ye want, Haru?”
Oblivious to his former partner’s sour mood, the towering blond steps inside taking refuge from the unseasonable weather.

Soaked to the skin Haruhito lets out an almighty sneeze, causing the lump that up until now, had been concealed inside his jacket to move. With a faint cry, a bedraggled black kitten peeks out from behind its cosy cocoon.
You can barely contain your excitement, clumsily dashing over to the tiny ball of fluff, tripping over your own feet in the process.

Mesmerised by its striking yellow eyes, you comb your fingers through the kitten’s soggy fur.
“Aren’t you the cutest thing ever.”
Haruhito gazes fondly at the small bundle snuggled against his chest.
“She told me that she got separated from her Mother. And I couldn’t just leave her wandering around in this weather.” He takes a deep breath, tentatively holding the shivering feline out towards you. “I can’t take her with me because of Cerby, so I was hoping-“

"Oh no ye don’t. Ye found her and that means she’s yer responsibility, lad."
Wearing a similar expression to the animal in question, you look up, batting your long eyelashes at him.
“Pleeaase, Rein. Can we keep her?”

Determined to convince him, you snatch the kitten from Haruhito’s hands and stride towards the sullen angel.
“Just look at her little face.”
As if she is completely aware of your plan, she stretches out one of her gangly limbs, placing her paw against his nose. Already weakened, Rein’s resolve crumbles when the kitten looks longingly into his eyes and starts to purr.

"I suppose ye are quite cute, eh?"
“Does that mean-“
“Aye, she can stay. But if she causes any trouble…”
“Thank-you Rein. You’re the best!”
Unable to contain yourself, you cover his entire face with feathery kisses.

Flustered by your display of affection, the bashful blond perched on the sofa awkwardly reminds you of his presence.
“Uh Well… I um… I guess I should get going then.”
Planting one final kiss on your boyfriend’s lips, you pull away and jump to your feet.
“We’ll take good care of her Haru. I promise. Oh, I almost forgot. Does she have a name?”
“Nope, I’ll leave that up to you. But she did tell me that she hates cliche names, like Kitty and Fluffy.”


Slipping through the small crack in the door, your new houseguest stealthily creeps across the carpet and scrambles onto the bed. After thoroughly exploring her surroundings, she curls up beside Rein, her silky fur brushing against his hand.
His eyes still half closed, he sits up, taking hold of her by the scruff of her neck.
“Not so fast, puss. Yer not allowed on the bed, back te the kitchen with ye.”

With no sign of the persistent mewing from the other side of the door letting up you peel the covers away from your face, joining the cat’s chorus with a string of loud groans. Turning over to glance at the clock, you roughly prod Rein’s side with your elbow.
“It’s two in the morning. She’s been at it for hours, just let her back in, please.”
Just when you think your pleas have fallen on deaf ears, the bed shifts, incoherent grumbling filling the room as the stubborn angel finally admits defeat.

Back in her rightful place, the kitten happily nestles in the plump pillow, settling just above Rein’s head. As her contented purring gets louder and louder, her tiny tongue sweeps across his eyebrows. Hidden by the darkness, his mouth curves into a smile.
“Don’t ye git too comfy now. It’s just for tonight and then it’s back te yer own bed.”


Lured by the appetising aroma of freshly cooked pancakes, Rein plods into the kitchen accompanied by his furry admirer.
Placing a cup of piping hot coffee on the table, you can’t help giggling as you watch the feisty feline claw her way up your boyfriend’s leg and plonk herself in his lap.
“Looks like I’ve got some competition.” you tease, ruffling his already messy bed head.

Shifting his gaze from his breakfast, Rein sends you an uncharacteristically sharp glare. The dark circles and heavy bags under his eyes making it painfully obvious that he managed to get very little sleep last night.
“It’s not funny. How can such a tiny wee thing be so disruptive?”
“She’s just a baby. She’ll soon calm down.”
Drowning the stack of pancakes in maple syrup, a long sigh passes his lips.
“Aye, I suppose yer right. Have ye thought about a name yet?”
“Since you’re the one she loves, I think you should choose one for her.”

Swallowing the large mouthful of food, Rein scoops the sleepy bundle from his lap, holding her in front of his face. She cocks her head to the side, confused by the sudden disturbance as her master studies her intently.
Pleased with his choice she lets out a high pitched meow, nuzzling her face against his.
He chuckles, secretly relishing the feeling of Kurami’s comforting warmth on his skin.

"Ye like it? A pretty name for a pretty girl."
The sight of him fawning over your new pet makes you melt. You never imagined Rein being the type of man to gush over a cat.
“What a cute pair you two make. Does this mean I’ve been replaced?” you jest, pouting for added effect.

He quickly places his tiny companion onto the floor and watches her toddle off in a slight huff.
“Don’t be daft, lass. How could ye even think that?” he asks in an incredulous tone.
“I was joking, silly.” Giggling, you crash your lips against his. The maple infused kisses almost as sweet as the man himself.

Rein’s irritated voice sounds from the hallway,
“Fer Heaven’s sake, Kurami.” he growls, trying his best to sound angry but his fondness for the new addition shines through. “What are ye doin’ in there? And look at the state o’ me jacket!”

He storms into the living room, his brilliant white jacket covered in jet black hair. Wrapping his hands around the little stowaway he attempts to pry her from his pocket. But the stubborn kitten has other ideas. Kurami firmly digs her sharp claws into the fabric, leaving unsightly drags as her body is pulled in all directions.

She finally gives in and loosens her grip, giving Rein a pleading look as he carefully lifts her out.
“It’s alright, ye wee daftie. I’m not goin’ te leave ye fer long.” he coos, unable to stop the loving smile spreading across his face.

Taking the distraught cat into your arms, you press your face into her sleek coat, gently pecking her head.
“That’s right, your Daddy will only be gone for a few days. He has a very important job to do.”
Rein rolls his eyes, folding his arms across his chest in mock annoyance.
“She can’t understand ye, ye know. And who are ye callin’ Daddy?”

Setting Kurami free, your hands move to Rein’s suit, brushing away the unwanted fluff.
“She’s your baby now, whether you like it or not. Besides you can’t hide it, I know you love her.”
“Maybe a little.” he mutters, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ll be home soon. Try not te miss me too much.”


Busying yourself with clearing away the mess from breakfast, your thoughts drift to your angelic boyfriend. Each time he is called away on business, you can’t stop yourself fretting. The fear of your relationship being discovered by officials of the Angel Realm weighs heavily on your mind.

Kurami playfully swats at your ankles in a desperate bid for attention. Her impish demeanour instantly brightens your mood. Lifting her onto the worktop, you turn your attention back to the mountain of dishes filling the sink. Your little helper tilts her head, captivated by the water flowing from the tap. Feeling brave she moves closer, her tiny paw inching towards the strange new liquid. As soon as the cold droplets fall onto her fur, she jumps with such force that she almost tumbles to the floor. Shock etched on her petite face, she proceeds to shower you with water as she frantically shakes herself dry.
Frowning, you run a dish towel over the sodden kitten.
“Thanks, but I’ve already had a bath today. I don’t need another one.”

Over the next couple of days Kurami constantly pines for Rein. Heartbreaking howls resonate through the house as she waits by the front door. Unfortunately for you, she takes out her frustration on the furnishings, embarking on a rampage of destruction. One minute she is shredding your much loved sofa to pieces, only for you to blink and suddenly find her swinging from the curtains. Nothing is safe from her, even your trusty kitchen table has suffered major damage, thanks to her lethal teeth and claws.

Leaving the house in a state of utter devastation, the little devil slinks away. Exhausted by her wild behaviour, you flop onto the tatty sofa burying your face into the cushions. In a matter of minutes you drift off, sighing with contentment as you dream of your boyfriend’s return.


Rein’s lips softly touch your forehead, his low, lilting voice rouses you from your sleep.
“Looks like ye’ve had yer hands full.” he grins, running his slender fingers through your unruly hair.
“How can you tell?” you huskily reply in the most sarcastic tone you can muster.
“Where is the wee lass anyway?”
Reluctantly you drag your weary bones off of the sofa and make your way to the steep staircase.
“She’s hiding from me. She might be young but she knows when she’s been naughty.”

The pair of you erupt into a fit of laughter when you find her in the far corner of your bedroom. The camouflaged kitten, somehow managed to squash herself inside one of Rein’s black leather shoes. Clearly unamused by the sudden ruckus, she unfurls herself, narrowing her golden eyes.
“Kurami, what have ye been up te? Ye naughty wee thing.”
She meows sweetly, rubbing herself around his legs.
Plucking her from the floor, he hold her against his chest.
“Aye, I know. I missed ye too.” he utters, caressing the the back of her ears.

After a lengthy clean up and salvaging all you could from the huge mess, you both sink into bed and snuggle under the covers. It doesn’t take long for the culprit to join you.
Staring at the little black ball sandwiched in between you, you watch her tiny body rise and fall with each even breath.
“At least we’ll git some peace and quiet tonight.” Rein muses, tentatively stroking Kurami’s back. “She’s out fer the count.”

"You’ve fallen head over heels in love with her, Rein. I don’t know how I feel about sharing you with another girl."
Wrapping you in his arms, a hearty chuckle rumbles in his throat.
“Ye should know by now, there’s only one woman fer me. But I’m glad we decided te keep the little menace.”

"Me too. I wonder if she’d like a playmate?"
“Don’t let the Doctor Doolittle of the Demon Realm hear ye say that. He’ll turn up at our door with a whole menagerie.”
Closing your eyes, you picture Haruhito wandering through the streets with a wide array of animals trailing behind him.
“Good point. But it’d be nice to add to our little family in the future.”

Rein’s eyes sparkle as he looms over you, his seductive whispers send a shiver down your spine.
“I can think of another way te make our family bigger.”
Without giving you a chance to answer he captures your lips in his own.

Something tells you that you won’t get much sleep tonight after all…

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Tagged by the lovely, alazymoon :)

1. My two little black cats, Ruby and Violet
2. Chocolate (or anything sweet)
3. tumblr friends
4. Talking and fangirling with tumblr friends (which I’d like to do more often but I’m quite shy)
5. Pixel men (I’m sure you know which ones in particular)
6. Writing
7. Watching the pouring rain while I’m warm and cosy inside
8. A clean and tidy house
9. Shopping
10. Long lies


Otome problem #234 :”When you can’t help but stare at the screen and giggle because your otome man is being an adorable dork”
Can’t wait for this!

Angel Training School Fic Teaser/Intro

After replaying Rein’s sequel we need more Rein, where are his sub stories and wedding sequel? I thought it might be a good idea to write a fic or series about his and Haruhito’s adventures during Angel Training School. Of course Tsubasa and Seiji would be included too.

What do you think? Is it something you would be interested in reading?


Standing outside the grand building constructed entirely of dove grey marble, you gulp, smoothing out the non existent wrinkles in your pure white uniform for the hundredth time this morning. The sunlight shining through the ornate stained glass windows, depicting some of the many historic figures of the Angel Realm, casts an ethereal glow onto your slightly shaking form.

Completely lost in your own thoughts, you fail to notice the the steady stream of students passing through the golden cast iron doors. Your eyes run over the perfectly painted sign, the words written in elegant calligraphy making your wings flutter nervously. The day has finally arrived for you to attend Angel Training School.

Hoisting the large satchel emblazoned with the school logo onto your shoulder, you tentatively step inside.


Wandering aimlessly through the maze of vast corridors, your eyes widen as you take in every detail of the gaudy, luxurious interior. Although you have lived in the Angel Realm your whole life, a born and bred country girl, you had always thought that places as opulent as this only existed in books.

As if it were yesterday, you can still remember the moment when the large brown envelope, complete with wings, flew into your lap. Opening it with trembling hands, taking great care not tear the precious contents, you could hardly believe your eyes. You were one of the lucky few to be given a scholarship to the most prestigious school in the land.

Ever since your acceptance, the excitement bubbling inside you has been overshadowed by nagging feelings of doubt.
Do you really have what it takes to succeed? Did they make a mistake during the selection process? No matter how daunting the journey ahead may seem, there is no turning back now.

With your head in the clouds, you carry on walking down the never ending hallway. A sudden collision with someone sends you to the floor with a loud thud, the heavy textbooks spilling from your bag.

"I’m mighty sorry, lass. Are ye okay?"
Dazed, you slowly look up to find a dashing young man gazing at you, his platinum eyes filled with concern.
As quick as a flash you jump to your feet, praying that no one else had witnessed your very ungraceful fall.
“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” you mumble, hiding your red face behind your hair as you bend down to pick up the books littering the floor.

Crouching down beside you the raven haired man flashes you a gentle smile.
“Not to worry. As long as yer alright, that’s all that matters.”
His deep lilting voice instantly puts you at ease.
“So yer from the country, eh?”
“How did you know?”
He lets out a throaty chuckle, “Well, it’s not hard te tell when ye wander around gaping at everything like that.”

Your fingers brush against his as you both reach for the last book, causing an equally violent blush to spread across his cheeks. The pair of you pull your hands away as if you had just been burned.

With everything now back in its rightful place, the bashful angel clears his throat.
“The name’s Rein, by the way. Rein Isaka.”
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m-“

An over excited blond bounces towards you, interrupting the conversation.
“Hey Rein, I finally found you!”
Rein clicks his tongue, frowning with annoyance.
“Aye ye did, lad. But why do ye have te be so loud first thing in the mornin’?”

Ignoring his friend’s sour mood, the golden haired angel towering above you holds out his hand.
“You must be one of the new students. I’m Haruhito Amano. But you can call me Haru, if you like.”
You can’t help giggling, his enthusiastic demeanour makes him seem more like an energetic puppy than an angel in training.

"Can you give me directions to my first class?" you ask, taking the crumpled timetable from your pocket. "It’s Flying 101 with Mrs Tengoku."
A bright smile lights up Haruhito’s face.
“Looks like you’re in our class. Come on, we better hurry or we’re going to be late.”

'This might not be so bad after all.' you think to yourself as you make your way to the first lesson of the day, accompanied by your two handsome escorts.