Hey, have you heard of the soulmate Au? if you have,then maybe do you think you'd write one for your biases?

Hi Anon,
Thanks for the ask!
I have heard of the soulmate AU and I love the idea. I think it’d be a very interesting subject to write about.
Once I’ve finished my last few projects I don’t intend to write anymore. But if I do start writing again in the future, this would be one of the first things on my list.
But the only question is who would I choose? I love both my boys so much! XD

Kyaaaaaaah hi sweet person! I just see a one shot u did for MY ISSEI and i was wondering if u could do touchy lovely long story for him maybe mc pregnant? XD in other words iam totally in love with him HELP! lmao btw i dunno but i cant follow u? Why?

Hello! Thanks for the ask. Apart from a few final projects I’m hoping to finish, I’ve decided to give up writing altogether. But I’ll keep a note of your request in case I have a change of heart.

In the Next Life: Rein Isaka One Shot

I’m trying to get rid of my writers block and decided to have ago at a bit of angst.
TW: Contains references to suicide. Please don’t read if you are easily affected by things of this nature.

Sitting alone in the quaint little cafe, with a cup of green tea and a very large slice of angel cake, Rein catches sight of the golden haired girl gazing forlornly out the window. Her long bangs cover her face as she nurses her iced coffee. He may not be able to see her face but her gloomy demeanour makes it obvious that she is a tortured soul. But more than anything she looks lonely, a feeling the amiable angel is all too familiar with himself.

As if suddenly aware of his intense gaze she slowly lifts her head. Her lifeless ice blue eyes meet with his, his dashing good looks making her heart flutter. But he is way out of her league. How could she be stupid enough to think that someone as handsome as him would give her a second look?

She couldn’t be more wrong, he feels strangely drawn to her. Eager to see her pained expression replaced with a bright smile. A smile he is certain would brighten up the entire room if she was able to show it.

His feet moving of their own accord, he cautiously approaches the table. An overpowering smell stops him in his tracks, the scent of impending death. She is yet another toasting candidate. Regarding humans as nothing more than part of his job, Rein never gives any thought to how their lives come to an end.

But as he watches the fragile looking woman staring vacantly into her cup, he can’t help feeling a tinge of sadness. She is still young, can it really be true that her fate has already been sealed?

Compelled by an overwhelming urge to save her, Rein flees from the cafe. One way or another, he vows to do everything in his power to stop it from happening. Even if it means changing her fate forever.


Rein’s heavy footsteps interrupt the thick silence as he trails behind the group of five demons.
“Are ye sure ye’ve got this right? And why do ye have te watch somethin’ so awful?”
Kakeru turns towards him, sending him a stern glare.
“You know as well as I do, that we have to make sure it happens at the exact time entered in the database.” His tone softens slightly as he gives the concerned angel a gentle pat on the shoulder. “Her fate was decided a while ago, albeit a very unpleasant one.”

Shiki’s violet eyes give off an eerie glow as he stands in the pitch black street.
“Humans are such a pain. And I hate those messy deaths.”
Rein’s thunderous expression is obscured by the darkness as he strides over to the surly demon.
“How can ye be so callous?” he yells, his uncharacteristically booming voice echoing in the dead of night.
Unperturbed, Shiki’s face remains perfectly neutral as he readjusts his thick rimmed glasses.
“It’s our job. And it’s only a human.”


Taking a deep breath, Rein reluctantly follows the rest of the group inside. The entire house is cloaked in darkness, the only sound that can be heard is the loud groaning of the old floorboards underfoot.

Illuminated by a small sliver of pearly moonlight creeping through the window, a familiar figure sits in the middle of the kitchen floor. The large blade she tightly clutches in her trembling hands, softly glints in the dimly lit room.

"It won’t be too long now." Haruhito mutters, rolling the small silver cross dangling from his neck between his slender fingers.
Rein watches in horror as the woman he is so desperate to save, pulls up her skirt and presses the sharp steel against her inner thigh.

"No! Don’t do it, lass!"
Satoru’s espresso brown eyes narrow, his lips peeling back into a snarl.
You idiot! It’s your job to reincarnate humans, not extend their lifespan.”

The vulnerable blonde’s eyes widen when she spots the group of men standing in the hallway.
“I remember you. I saw you in the cafe.”
Rein crouches down beside her, placing his hand over hers.
“Aye, ye looked so sad. But surely ye don’t want te give up yet. Yer still young.”
She lets out a self deprecating laugh.
“Believe me, I’ve tried. But I can’t do it anymore. After all there is no cure for a broken heart.”

Tightening his grip, Rein pulls her knife wielding hand away from her exposed flesh.
“There has te be somethin’ worth living for. A reason te get up every mornin’. Nothing is ever as hopeless as it seems.”
Shaking her head, she places the gentlest of kisses onto his cheek.
“You’re very sweet. But the person I used to be died a long time ago.”

With a sharp jerk of her wrist she manages to free herself from her potential saviour’s grasp. Sinking her teeth into her bottom lip, she stifles a scream as the cold blade cuts into her tender flesh. Her shaking form slumps over, falling into the arms of a very distraught angel.

As his warm tears cascade down onto her cheeks, she flashes him a weary smile.
“Please, don’t be sad. It doesn’t hurt anymore, I’ll finally be free.”

Rein can only watch as the colour drains from her face, the light slowly fading from her brilliant blue eyes.
“I… I heard them say you’re going to reincarnate me.”
His face draws nearer to hers, desperate to catch every last word that falls from her lips.
“Can you… Can you do something for me?” she asks, her once silvery voice barely more than a whisper.
“Of course, lass. What is it?”
“Please make sure… That when I… When I’m born again, I have a family. I’ve always wanted a family of my own…”

Her last breath echoes throughout the room, her heavy eyelids closing for the final time.
Rein carefully places her lifeless body onto the floor. A lump forms in his throat as he stares at the numerous dark red stains marring his bright white suit.

He may not have been able to save her but he makes an unspoken promise, that one day she will have the family she longed for. And the next life she lives will be a happy one.

Kisses and Custard: Rein Isaka and Haruhito Amano One Shot

This was inspired by noramunchi's awesome school AU which totally killed me. I had to stop myself from writing smut.

mrskatsuragi, kalina-a, therrain, and mrsebihara I plan on writing one for you too, but gym teacher Daichi is next on my list because reasons.


 A large crowd of pupils can only watch as Nadia tumbles down the hill at breakneck speed, her tartan seifuku fluttering wildly in the warm summer breeze. Amongst the large sea of people, her five friends and classmates grin mischievously as they spot a familiar figure striding towards her. They know that she blushes at the drop of a hat, something they enjoy teasing her about. And this new incident will give them weeks of entertainment.

Feeling a comforting warmth against her cheek, Nadia’s eyes slowly flutter open. Cupping her face in his hands, Tsubasa wipes away the tears trickling down her pale skin. His usual cocky expression is nowhere to be seen. His chocolate brown eyes are filled with concern as he scoops the disorientated girl into his arms.

"Why are you carrying me? And of course I don’t want any custard!"
Nadia’s disgruntled, slurred voice can be heard by the entire playground, gradually fading into the distance as her crush and the school’s resident flirt hurriedly makes his way towards the infirmary.


A loud thud echoes through the small room, cutting through the hearty laughter of the two men clad in white coats. The petite violet haired girl is no stranger to the infirmary, using every excuse in the book to spend time with the men she adores.

Thankfully her injuries are usually minor, a result of the many embarrassing stumbles and falls that occur on an almost daily basis. Although there was the epic nosebleed incident which was talk of the whole school for weeks. All it took was a friendly smile from the criminally handsome French teacher, Kyoga, those ears and tail never fail to drive her wild, to cause a never ending stream of blood to flow from her nose. She can’t deny that she is smitten with the super sexy wolf too.

Tsubasa carefully places the now unconscious student onto the narrow and uncomfortable bed.
"She hit her head pretty hard on a metal fence." he mutters, sweeping his silky strawberry blond hair away from his face.
The tall, amiable blond bounces towards them wearing a reassuring smile.
"Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her."
"Aye, she’ll be just fine."

Standing in the doorway, Tsubasa glances over his shoulder a smug grin stretching across his face.
"Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do."

Nadia stirs slightly, the enticing, spicy smell of aftershave wafts through the air as she opens her eyes again. Her breath catches in her throat, as she is met with the Heavenly sight of Rein’s face looming over her, bathed in the ethereal glow of the brightly lit medical room.

"How are ye feelin’ lass?"
"Hello gorjiss. How did I git here?"
Haruhito chuckles as he watches a fierce blush spread across his best friend’s cheeks.
"She’s definitely concussed if she thinks you’re good looking."
Letting out an exasperated sigh, Nadia folds her arms over her chest.
"What is it with you lot and custard? I’ve told you I don’t want any damn custard!"

"Fair enough. Just take it easy, lass. That was a mighty nasty fall ye had."
Glassy eyed, she stares intently at the kind hearted Irishman. Her recent head injury ridding the usually painfully shy girl of all her inhibitions.

"Have I ever told ye how much I love ye?" she slurs, reaching out to softly trail her fingers over his burning cheek. "I mean, I really love ye. I want tae have yer babies. Lots and lots o’ babies!"

Dumbstruck, Rein can only stare at his babbling patient in disbelief, his mouth hanging open.
Clutching her stomach, Nadia’s face pales.
"Oh no. I’m gonnae… I’m gonnae boak!"
Unfortunately, her warning comes a little too late and she proceeds to deposit the contents of her lunch onto Rein’s pure white jacket.

The  putrid smelling angel quickly excuses himself, leaving her alone with the most handsome demon in existence.
"Well, you certainly didn’t miss, did you?" he chuckles, gently wiping away the remainder of lunch from her lips.

"Hey Blondie, why are ye so pretty? Jist look at that hair!" She tangles her fingers through his golden mane, inching her face closer to his. Ye do ken how much I love ye tae, don’t ye?"
Pouting, Haruhito’s bright silver eyes dart back and forth.
You say that but it’s obvious that Rein is your favourite.”
"Are ye daft, man? I love ye both SO MUCH! Even though yer a total weirdo, I’ll always love my gorjiss umbrella man."

Taking the childlike demon completely by surprise, she presses her lips somewhat roughly against his. She hungrily explores every inch of his mouth, their tongues battling for dominance. Desperate for air she pulls away, the faint taste of hot buttered toast, mixed with a hint of fiery cinnamon lingering in her mouth.

A comfortable silence fills the room as Haruhito gazes lovingly into Nadia’s emerald green eyes.
"Cinnamon, eh? That must be because yer too hot tae handle!"
Haru carefully pushes her back down onto the bed, tucking her under the covers.
"Alright wee lass, I think it’s time ye got some rest." he murmurs, perfectly mimicking his former partner’s accent.


The two benevolent bishes tackle an endless pile of paperwork accompanied by the sound of their patient’s soft snores.
Haruhito taps his colleague on the shoulder grinning broadly.

♪ I got showered with love. You got showered with lunch. Now we know for sure who her favourite is. ♪

"Cut it out lad! Do ye want te waken her up with that daft singing o’ yours?" Rein growls, launching a crumpled ball of paper at Haru’s head.
"No need to be jealous Rein. She’ll probably forget everything that happened by tomorrow anyway."

But unbeknownst to them, Tori, Tiya, Cloudy, Noor and Rosa have been watching the hilarious scene unfold in front of them through the small glass window of the infirmary. Giving them plenty of material to torment the newest uke with…


High pitched giggles can be heard coming from the corner of the dining hall as Nadia is relentlessly teased by her friends.
"You told Rein that you wanted to have his babies!" Tiya squeaks, struggling to stifle her laughter.
"And we all saw you kissing Haruhito. You really went for it too!" Rosa chuckles as she watches the newest member of the group’s entire face turn a deep shade of scarlet.
"Aw look, even her ears are bright red!" Cloudy chirps, enjoying her friend’s reactions.

Tori returns to the table clutching a tray of desserts. Grinning she places a steaming hot bowl in front of her mortified friend.
" I got this for you. But I heard somewhere that you’re not a big fan of it."

Peering into the bowl Nadia’s face falls when she sees the bright yellow, gloopy custard. As her friends’ laughter becomes more deafening by the second, something tells her that she won’t live this down for many months to come.

mrskatsuragi Are you sure this is what you want me to write? I dinae ken if I kin dae it. I’m laughing so hard. It’d be much easier to destroy you with Saeki, the hat and those black gloves…

Nadsuke is back slumming it in Scotland

Sadly I had to leave the wonderful mrskatsuragi and my fabulous penthouse suite today and return home. I spent much of the bus journey rolling all over the place. But thankfully a very lovely guy quite literally held me in place for a while.
And in case you’re wondering Tori, I did NOT blush. Apparently I’m a major uke, much to the Dolly Maker’s amusement.

Although it was a different story when I was getting off the bus. I got tangled up in the seatbelt and the old guy helping me off was busy unhooking stuff behind me. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and his breath against my ear as he whispered,
“The things ye’ll dae fir a cuddle. Ye only hid tae ask.”

Have I missed Scotland? HELL NO!
I’ll post some pictures of our adventures tomorrow.

The day has finally arrived for me to meet the wonderful mrskatsuragi. I can honestly say she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. The world would be such a better place if it were filled with people like Tori.

There was much fangirling on my part when she surprised me with this stunning cushion that she made for me. It’s so pretty, I keep staring at it.

I can tell we’re going to have a lot of fun over the next few days!

Voltage Questions to Ask!

  • 1. Favorite Guy(s)?
  • 2. Least Favorite Guy(s)?
  • 3. Which side character do you Hate the most?
  • 4. Do you want your friends to play the games you like?
  • 5. Which side character you like the most?
  • 6. Ever have a dream of your guy(s)?
  • 7. Ever daydream about your guy(s)?
  • 8. If you can make up a short story about your first kiss with bias, how would it go?
  • 9. Do you feel awkward of telling your friends about Voltage.Inc?
  • 10. Do You Feel Awkward of telling your family about Voltage.Inc?
  • 11. How long has it been since you played Voltage Romance Games?
  • 12. Do you make a weird sound or just giggle when you play?
  • 13. Do you freak out or fan-gurl from the inside when seeing something new from Voltage.Inc?
  • 14. Do you get annoyed of your Voltage Guy sometimes?
  • 15. What don't you like about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 16. Do you like the Voltage SMUTS that makes you blush wildly?
  • 17. Do you get jealous of your Voltage Guy(s) being with others?
  • 18. How often do you play Voltage Romance Games?
  • 19. How do you know about Voltage.Inc?
  • 20. Who was your first Voltage Guy?
  • 21. Who was your second Voltage Guy?
  • 22. Where do you want to have your first date with your Voltage Guy?
  • 23. Why do you like your Voltage Guy?
  • 24. Do your friends think your weird to play these games?
  • 25. Do you have a real boyfriend in life?
  • 26. Does your boyfriend know about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 27. Does your boyfriend hate that you play with these Voltage Men?
  • 28. Have you ever ship Voltage Men together?
  • 29. Which ships do you hate the most in the fandom?
  • 30. OTPS?
  • 31. Do you draw?
  • 32. Do you write?
  • 34. What's your relationship to your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 35. Which Voltage Guy(s) do you want to play in the future?
  • 36. If you're introducing your Voltage Guy(s) to your friends/family, how would they react?
  • 37. Do you know everything about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 38. Do you RP your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 39. Do you love 3D better than 2D?
  • 40. Do you love 2D better than 3D?
  • 41. Do you talk too much about your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 42. Ever got sad over a sad Voltage story that someone made?
  • 43. What was the funny moments with your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 44. What was the saddest moments with your Voltage Guy(s)?
  • 45. Another than Voltage.Inc, what other Otome Men do you like?
  • 46. Do you compare your Voltage Guy to Another?
  • 47. Do you get happy endings more or Super Happy Endings?
  • 48. Do you pick the funnies choices or the right choices when you make a choice?
  • 49. Do you wish your Voltage Guy(s) were real?
  • 50. What's your love for your Voltage Guy(s)?